Post by Hannah Tyrrell

So we’ve collaborated with the incredible Ellis Faas this month and we can’t wait to see what you think of the four different Ellis Lips lipstick combos in #GetTheGlowdown. We say combos, because lipstick isn’t just about shade, these Ellis Lips products have very different finishes too. And while many of you may feel comfortable in your trusty matte nude, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs right if we didn’t push you to try something new!

You see, Love Me Beauty is as much about trialling those products your friends and favourite bloggers rave about, as it is about pushing yourself to experiment with completely new things. We imagine some of you might not have even heard of Ellis Faas, but when it comes to being really bold we think they’re your best friend! Here’s why…

Creamy Lips (L101) – Blood Red/Ellis Red

This colour is so striking, Sarah Brown of Vogue US hailed it ‘A Dutch treat’ and ‘a startling shade’. What greater praise do you need to get on board with the Ellis Red? A long-wearing, Blood Red colour, this signature shade comes in a shiny Creamy Lips finish with added plumping ingredients for a truly bold lip! Vogue Australia claim it suits everyone, so who are we to argue? Give it a go!

Easily toned down though, a gentle sweep offers a hint of reddy-orange colour for a much more wearable look.

Hot Lips (L403) – Bright Fuchsia

Hot Lips in Bright Fuchsia offers a vividly vibrant colour and unique matte-satin finish – perfectly paired with a gorgeous glow in spring/summer! Matte lipstick fans will LOVE this finish, offering a subtle sheen and bold colour pay-off. Unlike regular matte-style lipsticks though, the tinge of shine allows for the same long-wear without any risk of drying your lips. Simply stunning!

Glazed Lips (L304) – Sheer Orange

The only lipgloss in the Ellis Lips Edit, this Sheer Orange Glazed Lips product can be expertly built up to offer a bright pop of colour. Take inspiration from the ss17 orange lips of Mary Katrantzou and Jason Wu and pair with a stripped-back bare face – that added gloss will make your bold look even bolder against the popular matte revolution!

Milky Lips (L207) – Nude Pink

Make a classy, sophisticated statement with what we think is the most perfect nude lip ever! A highly-pigmented glossy Nude Pink, this colour is perfect for those of you not quite ready to go full bold. Offering just the right amount of sheen to be glossy, without venturing anywhere near the 90’s-style gloss that you might be thinking of, it’s enough to make Mrs Matte think again. Trust us – it suits everyone who’s tried it!

Love our video in partnership with Ellis Faas Lips? Check out a sneaky behind-the-scenes swatch picture from our lovely luscious lip model…