Post by Hannah Tyrrell

When it comes to choosing your lipstick for the day, where do you start? Is it an after-thought you apply simply to compliment your outfit? Or do you use it as a tool to give you power and confidence? We’ve looked at the psychology of colour before, but what we failed to mention was how you can use lipstick colour to your advantage, and here’s how…


A timeless classic, red is associated with energy, danger, determination and strength. Attention grabbing, it’s the perfect colour to apply when you want all eyes on you. Confident girls feel most comfortable rocking a vibrant red, but if you’re less confident you can easily use that fact to your advantage. Wear red to give you the confidence you’re lacking – it fools people into thinking you’re comfortable in the limelight and instantly makes them sit up and listen. Go get ‘em, girl!

If you’re not sure enough to splash out on a good quality red lipstick just yet, get a gorgeous deluxe 1.4g Artist Rouge mini matte red (M401) and give it a go without compromising quality!

Purple and berry

A royal colour, purple symobolises richness and extravagance. Combining the stability of blue and the energy of red, it’s a bold favourite for autumn/winter and perfect for adding a luxurious touch to your party look. Use berry and purple tones to display your power, stability and confidence. Winner, winner!

Nude and soft pink

Super easy to wear, nudes and soft pinks are the perfect go-to for any occasion, whether at work or when you’re out to play. Traditionally feminine, they project the appearance of warmth and kindness. When you need to show that you’re sympathetic and caring, a muted tone is the way to go!


Coral shades combine the passion and drive of red with a hint of summery yellow. Vibrant and summery, coral shades can be used to display your enthusiasm and creativity. Show your playful side with a fun pop of coral – perfect for bringing a lightness to a first date!

Bright pink

A great alternative to your classic red, bright pink again displays confidence with a friendly edge. Bold, bright and brave, it shows you don’t take yourself too seriously. Both feminine and adventurous, this colour is perfect for when you want to show you have a fun and free-spirited side. Check Beyonce rocking this look with confidence!

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