Post by Hannah Tyrrell

Last month we were lucky enough to enjoy a fabulous Make Up For Ever masterclass in collaboration with French Touch of Makeup, and boy did we learn a thing or two! Teaching their bold black ombre lip Go Pro look, it wasn’t even the look itself that impressed us the most (and it was stunning!) – it was the top tips for flawless lipstick application we picked up along the way. Furiously writing them down for you guys, here’s what our favourite French MUA had to say…



Poor pout prep is no way to get a gorgeous finished look, but proper prep is without a doubt the first step to success. French Touch advised a nourishing lip primer, with a tiny amount of concealer to blot out your natural lip colour for a bold finish. Only use a very small amount of concealer though, otherwise the greasy, oily formula might melt the lipstick and ruin staying-power.

Keep your mouth shut

While the temptation is to do your best fish impression when applying lipstick, French Touch advises that a shut mouth is best for perfectly outlining your shape. Opening your mouth distorts the natural shape of your lip and cupid’s bow, whereas a closed mouth allows you to follow the shape easily. Ever wondered why your Cupid’s bow is uneven? This is probably where you’re going wrong!


Build your upline

A Kylie Jenner upline is super popular for creating a plumper pout, but going straight in and drawing a line right above your natural line is definitely not the way to do it. French Touch suggests slowly sketching small portions of liner, working from the outside in. Add an overline slightly above your natural line bit by bit to avoid an overline catastrophe!



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Invest in good brushes

While explaining the wonder of an ombre lip, French Touch advised avoiding going anywhere near your lip with a tube. Whether your look is ombre or not, a tube will never provide a fabulous finished look alone. Her top tip was to invest in good brushes in order to get perfect precision – they do all the work for you, she said, and Make Up For Ever Brand Ambassador Julien Rol agreed. Time to brush up!


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To add depth and definition to your finished lip look, a hint of highlighter is an absolute must! French Touch advised creating a half-moon shape on the cupid’s bow for a perfectly applied, plump pout. Mwah!

Pick your finish wisely

Lipstick aficionados know that formula and finish is everything! Thankfully matte lipsticks are the popular finish of the moment, but if you’re opting for a sheer formula be sure to avoid going too close to the edge with it. Always start with liner or matte lipstick at the edges and finish with sheer in the middle only. Sheer lipsticks will always bleed, no matter how precise you are!


Check the quality

To check your finished look is super precise, French Touch advises opening your mouth and pushing your lips around your teeth – like you’re doing a toothless old man impression – to check the bottom edge is straight. If it’s not, remember to close your mouth to retouch before checking again.

Don’t smush

You know that thing that everyone does after applying lipstick? Where they rub their lips together? Yeah, don’t do that! To avoid smudging, avoid this and instead smack or tap your lips together to get an even finish.



These quick Instagram lipstick tutorials are great, but if you’re following the above rules you shouldn’t need to touch up with concealer. Don’t rely on concealer for a clean edge, just take more time to apply better. If you do go out of the lines, use a small amount of foundation in the same colour as your skin. Foundation is less oily than concealer, while concealer is typically a slightly lighter shade – this will avoid colour bleeding and a dreaded white line around your lips. Et voila!

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