by Ruth Strachan

No matter how much you love Christmas, everyone can admit that the festive season can be a time of stress and high social pressure! We’ve got a few hacks to keep you feeling happy and bright all winter long!

Remember The Word NO!

If you’re a people-pleaser, you can often find yourself constantly saying yes to the demands of others. Stop — you don’t have to agree to everything if you are short on time, or simple don’t want to. Remember you can still say no and be a good person!


We all like to get a little ‘merry’ around Xmas, but drinking a lot of alcohol can leave you feeling run down and dehydrated! So make sure that you are drinking enough water in your downtime. Your skin and body will thank you!

Do What You Enjoy!

Xmas is a great time for socialising opportunities, but remember that if ice-skating really isn’t your thing — you don’t actually have to go! Always feel free to politely decline the invitations that are not up your street, you can always suggest alternatives that you would actually enjoy partaking in… group nap anyone?

Xmas Movie Marathon!

We know they can be a little cheesy, but there’s nothing better to get you back in the festive mood than cosying in for a move marathon. Whether its Die Hard, Elf or The Grinch – there’s a xmas movie for everyone. So grab your mates and a bottle of wine and enjoy some festive downtime!

You Don’t Have To Be Perfect!

A lot of people feel pressure to be the best at Xmas… The best present giver, the best at wrapping, the best on the dance floor… the list goes on and on. Kiss those worries goodbye and try to just enjoy yourself. Once you take the pressure off, you’re bound to feel a whole lot lighter!

Guilt? No Thanks!

Xmas is a time to be enjoyed. So stop counting the calories and don’t even think about making any new years resolutions until well after the turkey is eaten — if at all. You’ve worked hard all year and you deserve a little pampering!

What stresses you out about Xmas? Let us know in the comments below!

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